Agriculture/ Daska, Pakistan / 0092 346 6204038

Agriculture/ Daska, Pakistan / 0092 346 6204038

Agriculture in Daska Pakistan

At present, agriculture above as well as beyond farming includes forestry, milk, fruit cultivation, chicken, maintaining, mushroom, approximate, etc. Today, processing, advertising and marketing and distribution of plants and animals products and so on are all acknowledged as part of current agriculture.Thus, agriculture could be referred to as the production, handling, promo as well as circulation agricultural items. In addition to offering food and raw material, farming additionally gives employment chances to very huge portion of population.
The major resource of basic materials to major markets such as cotton and also hemp textile, sugar, cigarette, edible in addition to non-edible oils is farming. Many other industries such as handling of fruits as well as vegetables as well as rice husking obtain their raw material primarily from farming.

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Daska, Punjab, Pakistan
Contact Number:
0092 346 6204038


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